Led Zeppelin‘s 1997 collection “BBC Sessions” is getting an expanded re-release next month. The set will now include a third disc of eight previously unreleased tracks. The Zeppelin original “Sunshine Woman,” which was never known to be recorded for a studio release, is one of the featured songs and premieres below on Speakeasy today. “Sunshine […]
Money can certainly cause more problems than it solves as one man sure knows. A 58-year-old Korean man became an overnight millionaire after striking the jackpot. The unnamed man, a divorcee construction worker, allegedly won $4 million from the national lottery. However, it appears he had little time to celebrate as family soon came knocking […]
There is no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer, the World Health Organization’s cancer agency will say as it downgrades its warning, but it will also say all “very hot” drinks are probably carcinogenic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had previously rated coffee as “possibly carcinogenic” but has changed its mind. […]